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Uncalled Turns

By 39th_SeaQuark a - Posted Oct 20, 18

39th VFS will soon be making "uncalled turns" SOP. To review uncalleld turn procedure, see this excerpt from "Air Combat Maneuvering" below:

To help an inexperienced wingman, or to prevent confusion in Tumbleweed scenarios, lead may make any uncalled turn a "called turn" simply by announcing the new heading beforehand over R/T.

Other methods of announcing turns are:

1) mic click

2) wing-rock (as shown above)

However, no announcement is strictly necessary, as uncalled turn procedure will allow an experienced wingman to keep position even without any advanced warning, as described in the film.

Called & uncalled turn procedure will replace the "Tac Turn" procedure we have been using so far. "Cross turns" and "Split Turns" remain valid options for 180 degree turns, and should be announced over the radio beforehand.

The full "Air Combat Maneuvering" training film is available in the Squadron Library.

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