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39th VFS Discord

39th_SeaQuark a posted Feb 6, 18

Notice: 39th VFS now has its own Discord server again.

All members, please check-in on the new Discord server:

All news / announcements / events will be posted there going forward.

You can of course continue to use the public Korea Discord at any time  (roles + Voice channel will remain), this will just make it easier for me to post more 39th-specific news + info without cluttering up the Korea discord channel list.

The 39th currently has one regular, weekly meet-up time:

Inter-squadron missions with RAAF 77th. One squadron leads the mission, the other supports. Assembly at 22:45, ground power on and check-in on CH.3 (SRS) at 23:00 Zulu.

The Fighting 51st

39th_Invisibull a posted Nov 21, 17

Jag Interesting video - thx for posting. A certain kind of romantic nostalgia about these fighter pilots, crews and their je...

Tigers on the hunt.

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