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Who Are We?

By 39th_Invisibull a - Posted Dec 13, 15

The 39th VFS is a virtual online USAF Fighter Squadron operating on the KOREA! 1952 multiplayer server. We stress following a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure in order to assure cooperation and maximum immersion.

While realism is very important to us, we will never take it to the point of becoming overly burdensome or obnoxious. We stress formation integrity during all aspects of training and combat, and we endeavor to use clear and brief comms at all times in order to allow for a high level of situational awareness for all engaged pilots. We most definitely do not run a free for all “Airquake” style server.

The F-86F-35 Sabre is our primary aircraft. We use Discord for chatting / planning flights, and SimpleRadio for flying missions using the in-cockpit radios.

39th VFS Discord:

KOREA! 1952 Discord:

KOREA! 1952 SimpleRadio IP:

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